Seriously, I'm officially engaged.

I was told that it's unacceptable to make a "hey what haircut should I get" post and end it with p.s. I'm engaged without more details.  So here it goes, HI I AM OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!  thedirtyepic (Sean) proposed last Wednesday at Minnehaha falls where we met when we were 13.  (awws) 

When we were 13 my friend Lisa really liked him, so she made me and Cassie go up to him and stick our tongues in his ear, and that's how we met!  That's perfectly acceptable behavior for being 13 I'm pretty sure.  So Wednesday after dinner at Fogo, he took me to the falls and stuck his tongue in my ear and asked me to marry him. :)


vote on haircut plz!


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I love super paper mario for the wii!  I am usually really bad at all the new 3D mario games like super mario sunshine and such, I can't get past like the first few jumping areas, but super paper mario owns.  It's like classic mario combined with zelda-ish puzzles you have to solve for each level.  This weekend I'm so torn between playing that, and reading "Red Seas Under Red Skies"... Sean is getting a pre-copy from Scott's brother.  I will get to read it first of course, because I will beat him up if he tries anything.

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Sean and I recently got back from Puerto Vallarta Mexico for Luke and Catherine's wedding.  Pics should follow soon, Sean is holding my pictures hostage on his computer and I'm too lazy to demand them.  We spent 2 nights in Chacala at Mar de Jade where they got married, then back to PV for 7 days of good food and hiding from the sun. 

I finally read scott_lynch's book "The Lies of Locke Lamora" in Mexico and I highly recommend it.  The second book in the series "Red Seas Under Red Skies" is coming out in July (a week after Harry Potter), so don't forget to buy that too, it's about PIRATES!  Hopefully Sean can score us an earlier copy, him and Scott and his brother Kevin have been friends since the jurassic era or something. 

We just remodeled our kitchen too before we went to Mexico.  Sean and his dad did most of the work, everything came from IKEA.  We took out everything, tore the floors up, put down tiles, painted, and put in new cabinets and new appliances (minus dishwasher and fridge so far, we're too poor to buy those right now).  Pictures are here.  We only have a little bit of work left to do, like getting trim pieces, putting in a new outlet for the garbage disposal, 2 more cabinets to put in and some doors. 

(also, hi Mara and Andy you lurkers! I know you're reading this!)


Anybody looking for a job, or know of anybody looking for a job?  We have a position here open at NMS Engineering, looking for somebody entry level with knowledge of unix administration and perl scripting.  Basically anybody out of a computer science program, that is willing to learn new stuff and SMRT.  Probably like 50-60k starting, send me an email or post here if you know anybody that's looking!

Also they will be required to apply for a top secret security clearance, so no convicts. :P

hatred of canadians++ (j/k I love most of you)

So I sold my iSight on eBay this morning and the winning bidder sends me this email.

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So I spend most of my days stuck in meetings and 5 hours later, I get this email from him.

I know I wrote this very early today and perhaps you have not had a chance to respond Understandable, but please do respond it makes me feel comfortable that you have read the  instructions .
Thank you
[insert original email here.]

So I reply back "Hi, I have read this and I will be sending this Friday morning.  Thanks!"

Yes I am aware, it's not a very well thought-out sentence but there really isn't anything wrong with it, I have read this email and I will be sending this friday (not next friday!) morning.   I was in meetings, wanted to send him a quick reply to get him off my back right?  NO.

I get this email back...

"Thank you for responding Eve . I hope you did understand it, because I think English may not be your first languageif you need me to explain send me a phone number and I will call you at my cost."

Bold added for effect. 

First I thought it would be pretty hilarious if I quoted his original email and highlight every missing punctuation mark or bad grammar/sentence structure and send it back without anything else.  Then after laughing about it for a while I sent this back. 

"I don't know if you mean to be insulting, but you should really spell check, grammar check, and punctuation check your own messages before you make such assumptions.  I've been an eBay member since January 1999, I've shipped many packages all over the country so I am very aware of the process.  In the past month I've sent at least 5 packages to Canada without problems to friends, so your original email felt a little insulting, but I chuckled at it because I assume you send this to every U.S. seller you come across.  But to assume my grasp of the english language is lacking based off of one sentence is completely disrespectful even if you just wanted your package to arrive promptly.  So please, have a little faith in people, especially one that's been on eBay for longer and has more feedback.  Rest assured that I have the mental capabilities to drive to the post office and fill out the forms correctly.

Like I said, I will be sending Friday morning."

I'm curious to what the next email will be.  God I loathe crazies on ebay.

evie toon

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Last week was Jeff's last week at the company, so as a "thing to remember us by", we sent Matt into his office to "see his car key for a second" and accidently pop his trunk.  Then we proceeded to fill his entire trunk with packing peanuts.  It was pretty damn hilarious.  Today I brought in an extra "USB lock" that I got from woot's bag of crap, its the dumbest thing ever, its a combination lock for any usb port, I guess you can put it on your usb storage dillios and lock them.  But instead of using it for good, we're going to use it for evil - lock a coworker's mouse or keyboard when they are not at their desk.  muahaha.

With Jeff gone, and Mike too a week ago, our development team is down to 4 people.  So apparently I inherited the Opsware NAS effort and I'm suppose to present this solution to EDS in a week and I've had about 2 weeks to get familiarized with it.  Thats like trying to sell shoes without wearing any... but I think I can BS through it np.  I also inherited another CiscoWorks security project which they are projecting ~500 hours to finish.  GOODIES ME? :( 

At least I have guitar hero 2 now.  Last night I beat all of easy and medium in one sitting.  My fingers are jelly now.  Sean and I played some two player, its done incredibly well.  Also as a new feature, you can practice songs and break them up by parts and slow the music down, so you can practice fast solos on those crazy songs on expert.  The funniest part is when you get to play freebird.  I won't ruin it.  Just remember, dropping your pants on stage does not deploy star power.

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I sold my WoW priest for $700 on eBay! I just bought these fat ass Stewart Weitzman boots for $350 with a 30% off friends and family code at Yay!!

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I hate election time!!!  I get like 5 billion phone calls asking me who I'm voting for, and another 5 billion hippies come to my house and make me take polls during dinner.  Where are they getting my info from, cuz I would sure like to get THEIR info and punch them in the face.

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I just scored 3 bags of crap from WOOT during their woot-off, probably $8 poorly spent but how can you resist buying a bag of crap, or better yet 3 bags of crap?! 4500 bags of crap gone in 5 minutes and crashed most of their servers. Gotta love the internet!!! I'm still camping the woot-off out of boredom, but probably won't buy anything unless they start selling shoes.